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when surgery is closed Ring 111

Surgery closes everyday from 1pm to 2pm. During this time, telephones calls are dealt by paramedics or out of hour services. If you have any emergency such as chest pain or breathing problems, please call 999. Otherwise you can still ring at our surgery number to speak to paramedics. They will inform our on-call doctor. Then doctor will ring or advise you appropriately.
In non urgent cases please wait for one hour to open the surgery. Also during our opening times, please try not to go to walkin centre or out of hour services. If you are worried just call 111. They will signpost you appropriately.
Cough and colds are not an emergency.

Patient Participation-drsingh

Patient Participation 2012/13

Patient Participation

Published March 2013



George Elliot Medical Centre moved  into new premises in the Summer and are delighted that the surgery will remain in the heart of the Foleshill area. The patient’s panel have had a major role so far in the decisions made at the surgery and we hope this will continue in the future.


Presently the PRG consists of diverse cultures, ages and occupations. They each bring something unique to the group. Due to our practice population it is important that we are able to appreciate the different religions and customs of our clientel. We have decided to review our PRG yearly due to make sure that all our different patients are represented, however are pleased that this year there has been continuity of  its membership.


The surgery had already initiated support from the PRG before the enhanced service started. They have been a very important part of the surgery since the previous GP retired in 2010.

An ongoing issue which was highlighted last year was the phlebotomy services. Our patients presently have to go to the Stoney Stanton Road, where there is no direct bus route. The PRG pointed out that the surgery has a number of elderly patients, who are unable to travel to the Coventry and Warwick site. Therefore the PRG thought it would be worthwhile to include this is the practice survey again this year. They felt that last year this was not taken seriously by the PCT and that due to the high prevalence of diabetics, it was indeed a serious priority for them to be given the service like other surgeries in Coventry. Similarly the pharmacy that the patient’s had requested. The younger members suggested we include a question regarding online prescribing services to assist those patient’s working full time. There was a recommendation about asking if the open access in the morning was suiting patients and if they were able to see the GP/Nurse when requested. As last year they were concerned about a patient survey, due to the practice population having approximately 8 different languages, as their first language.To aide this the questioned were asked with yes/no answers and kept to a minimal amount.


We decided that we would make the survey available to patients online and in the surgery. From our past experience we have found that postal questionnaires and other correspondence has been poorly acted upon.


  1. 100% requested phlebotomy services in house.
  2. 48% wanted the extra service of an online prescription request.
  3. 100% were happy with the new walk in clinic in the morning.
  4. 100% wanted to have an in house pharmacy.




Phlebotomy Surgery to do cost analysis to see if practice can afford service Phlebotomy services starting soon in APRIL 2013
Offer on line prescription service Dr Singh to put online asap Already started. Now patient can request their prescriptions online
Pharmacy in house Surgery to make enquiries into service in house We are still working on out. To review in June 13
Walk in service in the morning to access GP. To be placed in the surgery leaflet and be permanent in surgery This service already started to see doctor same day in the morning. Need to go to practice leaflet next month