Not every body need a Sick Note!! You do not require a doctor's sickness certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your may need to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.


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  • Same day appointment for genuine medical urgency
  • Registering new patients
  • Continuity of care
  • We speak your Language
  • Are you aware of appointments, We offer after 6:30pm and over week ends?

George Eliot Medical Centre Coventry


Are You a Carer?

Contact Carers Direct at Tel: 0808 802 0202 Website Link is Here If you are a Carer please let us know - we may be able to help you
Patient Feedback report
when surgery is closed Ring 111

Surgery closes everyday from 1pm to 2pm. During this time, telephones calls are dealt by paramedics or out of hour services. If you have any emergency such as chest pain or breathing problems, please call 999. Otherwise you can still ring at our surgery number to speak to paramedics. They will inform our on-call doctor. Then doctor will ring or advise you appropriately.
In non urgent cases please wait for one hour to open the surgery. Also during our opening times, please try not to go to walkin centre or out of hour services. If you are worried just call 111. They will signpost you appropriately.
Cough and colds are not an emergency.

Patient Participation-drsingh

Patient Survey 2018 Results

  1. How easy do you find it to get through to the practice by telephone
Very Easy Easy Neither E/D Difficult V.Difficult
72% 20% 12% 0 0
  1. How helpful do you find the receptionists at the Practice?
Extremely Helpful Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful Not at all helpful
56% 30% 12% 8% 0
  1. How satisfied are you with the Practice’s appointment times?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Dissatisfied V.Dissatisfied
64% 34% 0 2% 0
  1. Were you offered a choice of appointment when you last tried to make an appointment at the Practice?
Offered Appt YES Offered Appt NO
92% 8%
  1. Are you aware of the Extended Access service available for appointments to see a GP or Nurse in the evening or at weekends?
92% 8%
  1. Are you informed of self-care support available from Pharmacies to help manage minor ailments and common conditions?
16% 84%
  1. Are you aware of the 111 free medical helpline when you need fast medical information but its not a 999 Emergency ?
32% 68%
  1. Are you informed of the Pod service for repeat Prescription ordering

At this telephone: 024 7624 6072

98% 2%
  1. Would you describe your experience of making an appointment as good?
92% 8%
  1. How long did your wait to be seen after your scheduled appointment time at your last appointment?
5-10 mins


15-20 mins


20-30 mins


Over 30 min


  1. Do you feel that you have had enough support in the last 12 months to help manage any long term condition?
84% 8%
  1. How would you describe your overall experience of the Practice?
Very High Quality High Quality Neither E/D Low Quality Very low quality
64% 24% 4% 8% 0

From results you can see the areas that need improvement are awareness of other services available to patients. This would release clinical time, as not all appointments require a GP or Nurse to best match the requirements. We will look to add service availability of Extended Access on the front page of our website. Also include on TV in waiting area, patient leaflet and Poster in Reception.

Need to increase awareness of local Pharmacists in the area and work together for additional support for patients. This could be done via Network working and linked diabetic care and healthly life style schemes.

111 will also be advertised on Reception TV and included in Practice Leaflet, Poster in Reception.

The results for appointments offered were high (92%), could further improve with sign post training. Discussions are being held with CCG for funding city wide for staff with sign posting.

Patients found it extremely easy to get threw on the telephone system, we are looking at improving the phone lines with a modern icloud based telephone system. Will allow patients to stay in queue by pressing a button and calls will be returned when they reach position one of queue. It will be integrated with EMIS and patients will not need to speak to staff to cancel an appointment, thereby reducing DNAs. ‘currently in contract with BT, but looking to go ahead in 2019.

Patients were very satisfied or  satisfied with Practice appointments (98%) and the choice of appointments.

Wait times for patients were also good (90% seen in 20 minutes or less). Patients felt supported threw out the year and over all experience was very high or high (88%)